Saturday, July 10, 2010

Antoni Gaudi

“Antoni Plàcid Guillem Gaudí i Cornet” is the Catalan pronunciation of the full name of the artist and architect known to us as Antoni Gaudi (1852-1926). Gaudi is a noteworthy modernist and unique visionary who worked largely on designs gleaned from observation of nature.

His work often used parabolic, hyperbolic and catenary arches; using steel reinforced concrete.

Gaudi used masonry and tile work with an incredible facility of complexity which produced effects almost hallucinatory. He brought life to masonry.

Gaudi was deeply religious; his great unfinished work is the “Sagrada Familia” which is scheduled to open in 2026, the 100th anniversary of his death. The church is to be consecrated by Pope Benedict XVI on November 7, 2010.

Here is Gaudi speaking of Gothic:

"Gothic art is imperfect, it means to solve; it is the style of the compass, the formula of industrial repetition. Its stability is based on the permanent propping of abutments: it is a defective body that holds with support... gothic works produce maximum emotion when they are mutilated, covered with ivy and illuminated by the moon."

An interesting footnote: during the Spanish Civil War, many luminaries of the 1930’s became aware of Gaudi's work; including George Orwell. Gaudi and Orwell are two heroes of mine (one usually wants their friends to get along) but Orwell hated Gaudi’s work. C’mon George, lighten up.


  1. o my lord!!!!!! Gaudi is a genius!!!!!!!!!

  2. you got that right sister!!!!!!! LUV HIM!!