Monday, May 9, 2011

Never lost a load

One summer I worked as a dispatcher for LC Whitford, concrete products. I wanted to learn more about concrete from this summer job.

There was a fleet of around a dozen trucks. If someone called for concrete, I’d give them what they needed, make sure they were getting the right mix for their job, arrange delivery, make sure the weather was going to be acceptable, and get proper directions for the driver.

I did all the invoicing. Sometimes I’d have to interpret weather radar to anticipate when this or that shower would pass, and time the concrete delivery around the usual summer afternoon drifting dance of thunderstorms.

The fun part was casting huge steel reinforced concrete beams for various highway jobs. This was done just outside my dispatcher office window, and I enjoyed watching it. Around ten full trucks of concrete to cast one beam. Then they pick it up and move it with this crazy Dr. Seuss machine, after it cures some.

I worked with a good crew. I learned a lot. It was a good experience.

I was paid $6.00 per hour.

I never lost a load.

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