Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A sauna firebox: planned and being made

Here is a look at a firebox I’m building for a sauna.  Below are two short videos, showing the initial planning and the firebox as almost complete. 

I used old kiln shelves for the horizontal top of the firebox and the flame-wrapping structure above it.
I’ll post another entry when this is all done.  It should look quite different by then.

Planning the firebox:

Firebox almost done:


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  2. When I read your blog, I was so excited on the result of your sauna and I was glad to see the development in your preceding posts. Using red bricks for the firebox was a great choice and I can see how tough it is to make a sauna. Good job, Peter and I hope you’re enjoying your sauna experience. :D

    - Neil Dalby -