Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The elevator pitch

Entrepreneurs are supposed to have an “elevator pitch” to succinctly describe their business idea to another person in the short time they may have with them while –for example- riding with them in an elevator.

Here is my elevator pitch:

We can provide very high strength building envelopes for less than $10 per square foot by using triangular concrete block which are used to make the entire building, including a roof.  We can make domes, round arches, pointed arches, arches at right angles, complete spheres, straight walls, and any combination of these forms.  These structures will not rot, mold, burn, be damaged by termites, or require any real maintenance.  These buildings can withstand tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes and floods.  They will last for centuries.  This system can be made available globally through the existing concrete block industry, using the same methods and materials already in place: we just change the mold.  A single set of molds which cost around $100,000 will create royalties of over $4 million per year.  This system creates a great value for the building’s owner, provides extremely high thermal efficiency, makes profits for the block maker and the working mason, while creating beautiful, affordable, very high strength architecture which is "green" and environmentally appropriate.

I could tell you about water storage tanks, desalination, septic tanks, retaining walls, glass block, and much more: but I see you’re getting off at this floor.   What’s that?  Follow you?  Why sure, let me show you some pictures…


  1. Fascinating blog! I've recently become interested in geodesic domes and domes structures in general. I'm hoping to build a home in about three to five years, and domes seem to offer a lot of advantages: easy to heat , resistant to high winds and earthquakes! The triangular blocks you are developing would seem ideal for such a project! Any chance you will have anything for sale in the mid-range future? Langdon

    1. Hello Langdon, Thanks for your interest. I am expecting that we will have block available in a year or so (they have to be tested first). Our initial production is expected to be in New York State. we can also do much more than domes, including rounded arches, pointed arches, cylinders, etc. If you have more specific questions, please feel free to email me.