Wednesday, April 14, 2010


There are a large number of potential applications for the masonry system I’ve been describing, comprised of triangular interlocking blocks which can assemble into spheres, domes, cylinders, arches, straight walls and such.
I will start by simply listing these applications, and then we’ll take a closer look at these specific applications over the next few days.


1. Architectural

a. Residential

b. Commercial

c. Institutional

2. Water storage tanks

a. Spheres

b. Sphere sections and cylinder (like a pill)

3. Kilns

4. Furnaces

5. Glass block (architectural)

a. Dome for a foyer

b. May be combined with concrete block

6. Desalination spheres

7. Extraterrestrial applications

a. Lunar base

b. Martian base, etc.

8. Children’s toy (LegoTM-like)

9. Hot fluid catalytic beds

10. Storage structures (chemical, liquid, etc.)

11. High strength underwater structures

12. Retaining walls (landscaping, etc.)

13. Defensive applications, hardened structures, blast resistant

14. Plastic molds to make packed-snow igloos (toy)

15. Ovens, Barbeques (spherical).

16. Interlocking puzzles (e.g., map of planet earth, etc.)

17. Puzzle for compound of cubes.

18. Septic tanks

19. Skate park features

20. Hot tubs

21. Prisons and Jails

And many more…

Here’s a picture of a kiln I made using this masonry system. We’ll talk about this application and many more in some detail over the next several days.

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