Sunday, April 18, 2010

Architectural Applications

Architectural applications for this masonry system create interesting opportunities in terms of design and arrangement. This system provides a number of benefits that make a compelling case for its use.  Below is a view looking up at a ceiling, into the cupola.

This system is relatively inexpensive. The cost of these blocks is comparable to the cost of regular concrete block, around $2-3 per block, depending on where it is purchased. For a second order dome, the cost of the dome is under $1,000. This structure is highly efficient to heat and cool, very strong, virtually maintenance free, and can be expected to last for centuries. These structures are fire proof, termite proof and will not rot.

No trees are required for this masonry system, wood can be used as needed.  Recycled material is commonly used in manufactured block. Taken together with the very long life cycle of this structure, it is a green construction method.

These buildings have a very high strength, and are appropriate for areas prone to tornados, hurricanes, and violent weather. For tornado and hurricane prone areas, a secure “safe room” can be inexpensively provided with this system.

The extensive design flexibility inherent to this masonry system provides architects with a number of interesting ways to arrange various elements of a building. This system is appropriate for both commercial and residential applications. It is also suitable for institutional buildings, including schools, municipal buildings, etc.

I’ll be posting pictures of these blocks being used later in this blog, showing different methods, stages and uses.

Meanwhile I’ll continue with describing the various applications which I listed in my last post.

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