Sunday, March 11, 2012


Two years ago today I began writing this blog.  Here is my first enry:

"I'm a masonry designer developing novel masonry systems for new applications. This blog will describe what my ideas are, how I'm making them, various uses, and so on. I will share ideas and hope to get feedback from as many interested people as I can.

I'm especially interested in doing more with concrete block than is currently possible. I want to expand the architectural vocabulary of concrete block construction to include much more than straight vertical walls and square corners. This is pretty much the status quo with current block design and construction.

As a child I had the good fortune of seeing some of the great cathedrals of europe. This experience left an indelible impression on me. It's probably why I do what I do; masonry architecture can be so much more than rectangular block and vertical walls.
Arch, cylinder, dome and sphere should all be part of the masonry repertoire.   This is possible with block manufacturing methods and materials, through innovative design. 
This is an exciting realm that combines ages-old building methods with current scientific & engineering knowledge and high-efficiency production methods."
Two years later the excitement continues.  Innovation in an ages-old practice like masonry means you're always bumping into ghosts of almost forgotten, basic truths.   To be aware of historical development strengthens this innovation.
One year ago today Japan was devastated by a tsunami.  May we all remember, and bear this history.


  1. Great description of the marriage of masonry methods and geodesic geometry. Thanks for this very instructive blog. Gerry in Quebec