Sunday, April 1, 2012

April is Poetry month, redux

April is here, and it’s National Poetry Writing Month again! Oh nooo!!!! Napowrimo!

I was asked if I planned to write poems again. No, I do not plan to write a poem about masonry every day this month. I already did, last year. But they need work. Not so much editing as tuck-pointing. Some should simply be demolished and their rubble used as fill in other, more satisfying structures. None are really good enough. Ok, now I’m annoyed. Damn it Jim! I’m a mason, not a poet. Here we go.

The Idea

It didn’t just occur, it evolved
seeming simple to me
like it simply naturally solved
how a building should be.

How little did I know at the time
I was trying to change
both the old reason and the known rhyme
to something utterly strange.

Block are never triangular things,
block are rectangular.
Mice eat cheese, dogs chase cats, birds have wings
Boston has its Strangler.

"Do not doubt: or question basic truths.
Concrete block cannot be
successfully used to make arching roofs!"
They kept on telling me.

But this idea was stuck in my head
so I went and made it.
Hopefully somehow before I am dead
not all people hate it.


  1. When the lines of structure

    converge at many a juncture

    One no longer conceives of a skyscraper

    ever more needle like, increasing infinitely upward

    Instead a bubble

    Expanding in volume as the material diminishes

    Redefining the beginning and ending

    between the roof and the walls

    a building based on a ball.

    1. David, you should join in on Napowrimo. Try writing a poem every day for the month of April. You've got April 1st covered....

  2. Let the games begin!

  3. I enjoyed writing that, but it could become a chore. I really like this blog.