Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ode to code

Code insists we build with steel
every structure must be built
with a lot of very real
metal rebar, to the hilt.

If a code inspector’s code detector
inspected the pyramids or the pantheon,
it would detect many defect or
would proclaim them woebegone.

Parthenon, cathedral and obelisk
do not meet the code!
The horror and the dangerous risk
of these must be showed.

Tear 'em down, code would say
the first mistake was made
when back in an earlier day
those first plans were laid.

You cannot build a stone building
made with stone and stone alone
because of course it will bring
code inspectors on the phone.

“You cannot make a stone structure
made of stone and stone alone!”
It must have steel for bucks sure
silly, makes me pick this bone.

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