Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Designing a block mold

Designing a mold is a tricky endeavor

Sometimes it seems to take forever

Does the interlock create undercuts?

Or have I gone completely nuts?


Will the shape even be filled?

Can the steel even be milled?

Will the concrete slump when the mold is stripped?

Can these blocks be stacked and shipped?


Is the shape just too heavy?

Can it be used to build a levee?

Does it include a good handhold?

Or should I re-do the entire mold?


How big’s the the core, how thick the wall?

Will it slump or will it fall?

Will the designer ever choose it?

Will a mason ever use it?


Can any of these questions end?

Can it be real or just pretend?

At last the design is actually done

And when it works, it’s really fun.

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