Monday, April 29, 2013

The humblest science

Different fields of human knowledge
bring status by mere association.
They're esteemed in press and college
Source of insight and innovation.

There's Genetics, Computers and Geology
Particle Physics and Astronomy
Cultural, Physical Anthropolgy
And both Macro- and Micro- Economy.

But which of these is the lowliest field?
What's the humblest one to study?
A cursory survey has revealed
one less admired by everybody.

It's been around thousands of years
there cannot be anything new.
Its own academics guarded fears:
Additional insight is nil or few.

With stones and rocks and blocks and mortar
as elements of this ancient science
doesn't impress the science reporter
They ignore this field with defiance.

It makes it all the more unique
when innovation does occur
in Masonry Science, utterly meek
one is left to conclude or infer:

There's no prestige and little praise
nothing new after all the ages
from a science of olden days
yet Masonry Science writes new pages.


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