Monday, April 22, 2013

Staggered joints

When brick are laid to make a wall

They are stacked in arrangement

Repeated to the very top

Unless the mason has derangement

Each brick’s half overhanging

The brick (or block) below it

The brick (or block) will be staggered

We intuitively know it

If the bricks don’t get staggered

It’s called a 'stack' type bond

The wall can crack along the joint

Of which I’m not too fond

To allow a running joint

To go through the wall

Invites all brick to freely move

they might even fall

It is best to stagger brick

Offset each next course

Interrupt the running joint

To stop the splitting force.


  1. Way to commit to a truly unconventional theme! I've been reading through these since a link was posted on the NaPoWriMo site. They are awesome! You are awesome. Creative and humorous!

    1. Thank you very much rooktopia. I should spend more time on them, but am very busy most days.