Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Chi rho, x's and o's

Chi and rho are two greek letters

whose meaning is deep and

really quite mysterious.

A haunch is a part of an arch,

a haunch is part of your leg.

A femur’s the bone that makes

the haunch, and something more.

Femurs get crossed in a Jolly

Roger, the “chi” in a skull and

crossbones: our friend the haunch.

Skull is a "rho", and many know

rho’s by any other name

is just a seat of your mind.

Chi and rho also mean Christ

in symbolism of antiquity

and also in freemasonry,

and skull and crossbones are

Yale’s foremost secret society.

Phi, chi, rho, fum

I smell the blood of

another weird coincidence.

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