Friday, April 1, 2011

Poetry and masonry

April is Poetry Month!  I have a friend who is an accomplished poet, Jennifer L. Knox.  Jen asked me (no: she double-dog-dared me) to write a poem about masonry every day this month.

Sorry folks, I'm no poet, but I won't back down from a double-dog-dare either.  I'll do my best to write a poem about masonry every day this month, and here's my first attempt.

The ivory towers of the academy

are somebody’s busted knuckles.

Brick and mortar and mud and rocks

nice and smooth except for the

rough spots and the empty cans of beer

dumped inside the walls and the blood

that turns brick-red after a week,

but sweat doesn’t stain at all.


  1. Masonry Design has also been added to the list of participating NAPOWRIMO sites here:

  2. And this is a great poem!!!

  3. I hear you saying this, "Oh, I'm not a poet..." thing. What I'm seeing on your blog, however, is an entirely different thing. Either you're also pretty darn good at sarcasm (and my sarcasm detector is still on the fritz) or you're very much underestimating your poetic abilities. Seriously, the three poems featured here thus far are amazing.

  4. Great poem...and you ARE a poet!