Monday, April 4, 2011

Thick as a brick

Bricks are arranged in a number of ways
which hearken one back to earlier days.

The patterns have names which masons are fond
of referring to as a certain “Bond.”

Herringbone, Rat-trap, English and Header
Stretcher and Basket, but Flemish is better.

A layer of brick is known as a “wythe”
How thick is a wall? Maybe three or five?

How thick is a brick? The wythes man was asked:
It depends on the brick, you stupid ass.


  1. Naoiwrimo pointed me towards your masonry poem, which I really like. Here's mine, written for PAD November challenge:


    A bent old Highlander
    taught a willing acolyte:
    Ne’er set a stane
    above a stane,
    but put ane abin twa.
    Sixty years on,
    the white-haired student
    remembered this ancient wisdom,
    used what he’d learned
    to build a stone house,
    bonny and solid.

  2. Nice poem Viv. I'm trying to write a poem about masonry every day this month, I spend very little time on them, and it shows!