Thursday, April 7, 2011

Conspiracy for a mason

I was asked to write a poem each day for a month.

I like a lark, prefer not to snark at the sharks

in the river so I start. Masonry as a topic?

You gotta be kidding! Nobody takes that

even kind of seriously: so deliriously and

with abandon I write some short poems on

blocks and rocks and bricks. Then I get

invited to be facebook friends with

“Edward Von Mullens II” who thinks I’m

a mason of the fraternal type, and asks

me to join the Illuminati of Guilderberg.

Bilderberg, Zionist, Rothschilds and few

are the billionaires I’ll cavort with as a mason!

Henry Makow and Brother Nathanael have

views on Jews that make me shudder, so I write

this poem unlike any other and realize the comfort

of an honest brick in my hand and messy mud.

Is the Illuminati Jewish or hated by them?

Who made this up, how why and when?

Poems can be such tricky things, I never knew.

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