Wednesday, April 27, 2011


There are those that think me daft

for wanting such a block

that keys itself together without any draft.

An undercut creates a draft

a mold won’t release its lock

on a piece and let it free like an iceberg being calved.

A two piece mold comes apart in two pieces halved

molds must slide along the block

without negative angle, or a sticking draft.

It’s a contradiction, a very tricky craft

ripe for many to try and mock:

interlock, no undercut, now they really laughed.

But symmetry both fore and aft

arranged around an interlock

allows a skilled geometer to cast it, with no troubling draft!

Many are those who think me daft

In spite of this tricky block,

they don’t understand this subtle craft

of interlocking, mass-produced, all without a draft.


  1. brilliant word play.
    you rock.


  2. HOLY FK! "like an iceberg being calved"!! Tis a very tricky craft indeed! Bravo!!!!

  3. I almost went with "a block as big as president Taft." Note to self: drink morning coffee before writing poem.

  4. nice work as this is very creative and the pics are a nice touch.

    my potluck post was here

  5. I like the read, check out onestoppoetry, I believe they have a few experts in the form who may provide more helpful feedback

    Enjoy the potluck!

  6. Thanks "lynnaima." I liked your blog, great work. I'm aware of the many faults in my poems. This one suffers poor meter. I spend just a few minutes on each of these.
    Nice potluck!

  7. Can I get a few of those blocks? I like your system and approach. Quite and engineering feat. I had thought of building a mold just for snow, that used the rhombic triacontahedron's 120th of sphere, 60 right and 60 left triangles, I thought the snow mold could just be hinged to make both. But the right angles would have to be fastened (melt together) or a mold for four of the units could be made. Never got to far, and find the shapes you came up with to be very fascinating.

    1. Unfortunately I don't have versions of this available quite yet. All I have are my expensive (precious!) CNC and prapid prototypes on hand right now. I'll let you know when these become available... it's all a matter of time and money.

  8. I meant to say that it the rhombic triacontahedron 120 triangles would enclose a volume, sort of like an igloo. One can slice the overall sphere in various ways to have different volumetric enclosures.