Friday, April 3, 2015

Alone in my pursuit

It is hard for me to believe, I still don't quite get it
I work in a field thousands years old, you can bet it.
Masonry arches have been made by man forever
and the ubiquitous concrete block is found wherever.

But somehow, some way, nobody has ever attempted:
to make an arch with concrete block, mortar all cemented.
It is so obvious! I'm not just a parroting fool!
An arch made of concrete block is so strong, and cheap and cool.

I have scoured the country and searched this whole planet,
looked into concrete from cinders, limestone and granite.
But nobody, no one, no single person anywhere,
has dared use concrete block to build arches in the air.

It's a conservative industry, and works well enough
there is no need to contemplate your newfangled stuff
We've done well without any arches, without any art
without any soul, without beauty too, without your part.

And still I pursue it, I can't help but do it, arch block
an unfulfilled, undiscovered unknown way with rock
Yet known too well, for millenia, masonry arch roof:
that I should be the first (and only!) is a humbling truth.

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