Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Masonry Accounting

The patent filing cost eight grand
the new mold: thirty-five thou
production, 14K in hand
13 hundred for half block (wow).

It's expensive to make new block!
These costs bring compunction-
money's time, so check the clock
how does this financially function?

The numbers help confirm my loyalties
'cuz rates of production do confirm
the key to the model is found in royalties
if we look at how much it can earn

Twenty one thousand block are made
In one single eight-hour shift
Fity-cent per each block is paid
as a royalty-paying constant gift

One mold working one third of the time
(8 hours out of the day's twenty four)
Creates an income which serves just fine
Hopefully keeping the wolf at the door.

One mold working 48 weeks per year,
working just those 8 hours per day
And soon it becomes abundantly clear
One mold makes over $3 million in pay.

Ten molds rotated, on a global basis
to serve the globe's seven billion
are set to keep the financial pace is
annual income over thirty million.

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