Thursday, April 16, 2015

Terrazo Terzanelle

Your floor may be marble or terrazo
polished smooth or tiled pattern
on which you eat hummus, even matzo.

You can revel in revelry, just like Saturn
In grandiloquence sprawled on travertine
having spit leisurely in your spat urn.

Living the life of a libertine
luxuriously having things DeLuxe
As featured in Martha Stewart's magazine.

(Ok, so Martha Stewart kinda sucks)
it shouldn't detract from your "Living"
turn on the light: Fiat Lux.

Just take masonry, I'll keep giving
my own opinion of good construction
quality of life concerns good living.

For these points need some reduction
A terzanelle about terrazo
marble needs no introduction
nor does the indulged American fatso.

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