Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Bridges: they do connect us
their safety is important
Once broken, they wrecked us
their disrepair's a portent

Of ominous things to come
for this country's many millions
Broken bridges have become
A problem worth 52 billions

We need a better way
to make our bridges strong
we need it done today
and they should last quite long

But cutting edge design
can borrow from the past
aqueducts come to mind
those Roman structures last

They've lasted over 2 millenia
civilizations have come and gone
abuse? they've seen plenty o'
and they're still standing strong

The masonry arch is tough to beat
It's simple yet it works so well
it is an engineering feat
and it's really strong as hell

Masonry arches made from block
can be quickly easily made
with cement and sand and rock
New bridges from new masonry laid.

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