Monday, April 13, 2015


Incessantly filling and leveling action
the mold receives mix from the hopper
then down comes the shoe with compaction
there's just no way to possibly stop her.

Six blocks are made every ten second
the pallets are full of new block
they slide along, and hardly need checking
they move in good time with the clock.

More than a wise man or even an oracle
It takes a good team to make it all work
the ballet of production is no small miracle
with a sharp action, a heave and a jerk.

The beautiful block just slide off the line
the pallets get ordered and stacked
and mechanically handled with a touch fine
and placed gently upon the rack.

The forklift picks up the whole big load
and carries to the kiln for curing
the block spend a night, tucked in their abode
while the block machine keeps whirring.

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